Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI)

Subject ID: Q5A-Cannot Sleep: Q6-Sleep Quality:
Assessment Date: Q5B-Wake Up: Q7-Medicine-Induced Sleep:
Q1-Bed Time: Q5C-Bathroom: Q8-Trouble Staying Awake:
Q2-Fall Asleep: Q5D-Breathe: Q9-Enthusiasm:
Q3-Getting Up: Q5E-Cough Or Snore: Q10-Bed Partner/Room Mate:
Q4-Hours of Sleep: Q5F-Cold: Q10A-Loud Snoring:
Q5G-Hot: Q10B-Long Pauses:
Q5H-Bad Dreams: Q10C-Legs Twitching:
Q5I-Pain: Q10D-Disorientation:
Q5J-Comment-Other Reason: Q10E-Comment - Other Restlessness:
Q5J-Trouble Sleeping: Q10E-Restlessness:
Disclaimer: The Bracket PSQI application is not a validated application and is intended to be used for reference only; similar to the University of Pittsburgh application. This application replicates the functionality and calculations of the University of Pittsburgh application. Further, Bracket did not confirm the Pittsburgh application against any published information on the scale. As this application is for reference only, it does not persist (save) any data and there is no tracking of who accesses this application